Tips to Align Drill Press

When you are just starting off with tools and machineries, you may not be aware of all the items. Well, everything takes time.

It is true that a hand drill can help you in a variety of ways but there is a limit to it too.

When you consider accuracy and durability, a hand drill fails.

In such cases, only a drill press can help you out in the best possible way!

With each hole that you drill with a drill press, you guarantee great level of accuracy in your work.


Setting up or aligning a drill press is not as easy as it sounds.

But, don’t think it’s difficult either.

You can be successful in this step only if you follow the steps that are given below to align your drill press.

Step 1

Base positioning


Make sure that the base and the stand of your drill press are secure. Again, be sure of the fact that the table top or the floor upon which you fix the drill press is absolutely flat.

Check if the columns are mounted equally on the base.

Also, tighten the bolts that are attached to the column.

Step 2

Check the motor mount

Check if the motor head is tightly attached to the column.


This varies with the type of drill press that you are using.

Step 3

Clean and adjust the rack and pinion gears

To clean, loosen the crank and table lock. Raise one from the other. Clean it with a  soft cotton cloth.

You can also use a spray cleaner.

Use a brush to clean the teeth.

Step 4

Adjust the table position

Drill presses that are attached with rack and pinion gear systems can be turned in different ways.

Generally, they can be twisted and turned both to the right and the left.


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